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EdgeServ POS - Point of Sale from the Cloud to the Kitchen.

EdgeServ POS has Full Featured Customer Management

This all helps meet your customer's expectations - allowing you to get back to what is important...

What is a Customer Success Scorecard?

1. During the initial install process the main goals may be to solely understand the basic...

EdgeServ POS Resellers are Industry Leaders

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RSPA POS Software Award Winner! Again!

Congratulations to the EdgeServ team on winning this award!

Top Trending Industry Hashtags

2022 Restaurant Technology Top Trending Hashtags:

#restauranttech #restaurant #pointofsale...

EdgeServ Announces True Tableside Ordering, Payments, and Printing

“The release of the PAX ordering version of our software shows that our reseller-driven software is...

Create Beautiful Online Menus

With the consumer adoption of using QR codes, now is the perfect time to offer web menus and online...

Use Throttling with EdgeServ POS to Manage Your Online Orders

Create additional Service Types: use different order times; each have their own throttling...

RSPA Award Winner!

Congratulations to the EdgeServ team on winning this award!

Introducing the EdgeServ Mini Solution for Ordering and Payments!

Tableside Ordering and Payments - Combined!

  • Tableside Ordering, Line Busting, Outdoor Dining,...