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Full Featured Restaurant Point of Sale

True Tableside Ordering and Pay at the Table - All in One!

EdgeServ's mobile solutions lets servers take orders and payments; print receipts - all with one device at the table.

Convenient Ordering and Payments

  • Two hardware options: the all-in-one PAX A920 for ordering, payments, and printing.  Or use an iPad Mini with the MagTek iDynamo
  • Servers should be upselling and taking care of guest needs - no lost time running back and forth to stationary terminals.
  • Orders are sent instantly to the kitchen or bar; guests can pay right at the table
  • With the A920 - order, pay, and print - all with one device.
  • Use on patios and other outdoor dining venues; great for line busting in busy environments

Contactless Payments

  • Secure EMV/NFC Payments
  • ApplePay and Tap to Pay
  • Dip, tap, or swipe!
  • Payment options for the ways customers expect in today's restaurant environment
  • Payment Processor Agnostic!

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