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EdgeServ POS Products

From the Cloud to the Kitchen – EdgeServ utilizes the benefits of the Cloud and brings them to your kitchen.

Point of Sale

Full Featured Point of Sale

EdgeServ's iPad-based system is full featured and affordable. Using iPads and standard point of sale hardware, it is intuitive, easy to use and makes everything more efficient - delivering tablet and mobile functionality and flexibility for today's restaurant needs.

Online Ordering

Fully Integrated

EdgeServ's integrated solution can help every aspect of your online and delivery business. Our easy-to-use interface gives customers total control of the ordering process. Orders are input with accuracy and ease. Every order is tracked from entry through completion. Fully integrated mean easy set-up! Use Order Throttling to help manage OLO orders.

The Edge Mini

Combined Ordering and Payments

Meet the Edge Mini - an integrated device for combined Tableside Ordering, Integrated Pay at the Table, and EMV/NFC Payments. Take orders, and when ready, hand the device to the customer to complete the payment - tap, dip, or swipe - or complete the transaction for them. All on one device!

Web Menu

Digital Integrated Menu

The menu is critical to so many aspects of your business. With EdgeServ's digital web menu, keep your online menus, social media, and prices current. Or link it to a QR code and customers can scan it with their phone and see the full, up-to-date live menu in a paperless environment.

Dine-In Module

No App Needed

Allow your customers to order right at the table by simply scanning a QR code. No app to download - customers love how fast and easy it is to place their order. Use it on your deck or patio, on table tents, or wherever you want to give your customers the ability to place orders.

Pay at the Table

Fully Integrated, True Pay at the Table

With true Pay at the Table, an employee can select a ticket for payment, process the payment, and print vouchers for tip and signature right from the table. Or they can select the ticket and hand the device to the customer to complete payment. Perfect for curbside pickup too!

Tableside Ordering

Flexible and Efficient Ordering

EdgeServ's Tableside Ordering allows servers to spend more time with their customers. Instead of running orders back and forth to a workstation, they can spend the time to explain specials, upsell desserts, and provide a better guest experience. Perfect for curbside and outdoor dining.


Integrated Delivery System

Expanding your customer base is an important part of growing any business. The EdgeServ Delivery System makes it easy to add deliveries to your mix. For small pizza shops, or established full service restaurants, our system provides an efficient solution for delivery service.

Gift and Loyalty

Integrated Loyalty and Gift Programs

EdgeServ Customer Loyalty programs make connecting and marketing to your existing customer base easier than ever. Our programs are in-house and are integrated with the POS system. Use our built-in Gift Card program or integrate with a popular 3rd party program.

Kitchen Display System

Integrated Kitchen Display

The heart of any restaurant is the kitchen. Run a more efficient, paperless kitchen with an integrated Kitchen Display System. Orders are sent to a kitchen monitor instead of, or in addition to, kitchen printers. Reduce printer repairs, eliminate problems with lost tickets, save money on paper roll costs.


Wide Variety of Payment Options

We offer many payment options and solutions - Credit Cards, Pay at the Table, Self-Ordering, compliant EMV solutions, House Accounts, Non-Cash Adjustment option (eliminating or sharing credit card fees), gift cards, etc. And, EdgeServ POS is payment processor agnostic.

Customer Facing Display

Line by Line Ordering with payments

EdgeServ's advanced customer facing display has line by line ordering with menu item images; signature capture, contactless payments; scrolling marketing images. Customers can see the order as it is rung up, pay with ease, and learn about specials and offers.


Reporting and Business Intelligence

Running a restaurant or bar takes a 24/7 commitment. Now you have a working partner to make your life a little easier. The EdgeServ Business Information module gives you the power to check all major reports - fast, reliable reporting available anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Affordable and Reliable

The EdgeServ POS System utilizes iPads and iPad minis, along with affordable, industry tested, reliable POS hardware - with both wired and wireless solutions. Your EdgeServ POS reseller is an expert in guiding you to the options that best fit the needs of your business operations.