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Full Featured Restaurant Point of Sale

Online Ordering

Let EdgeServ help you simplify your online ordering - fully integrated and commission free.

Integrated Online Ordering

An EdgeServ POS Solution can help every aspect of your online and delivery business. Our easy-to-use interface gives customers total control of the ordering process. Orders are input with accuracy and ease; upselling prompts are built right into the system; and every order is tracked from entry through completion. Customers will be able to add tips, change the order type, and have the option to create an account. The accounts they create can also be used to track Rewards Points, which be used in the restaurant as well.

  • Customizable screens let you place top sellers on the most convenient screens locations
  • Menu changes are updated automatically across all platforms
  • All menu changes are published on your website with the latest information, including items that are counting down
  • Create and maintain separate menus for different functions, parties, and special events
  • Separate pricing for separate events
  • Peak hours can be predicted so you can plan to have the correct number of staff on hand

Fast, Easy to Implement

Online Ordering can be always available or uncheck the “All the Time” box to create a schedule of when the Online Ordering is available. "Temporarily Closed" will show on the site that the store is temporarily closed and prevent ordering.
  • Allow Anonymous Orders if you don't want to require your Online Ordering customers to create an account
  • A Landing Page can be enabled if you would like to have an “About” page display before navigating to the ordering menu
  • Require Order Type will ask the customer if this order is Delivery or Pickup upon opening the site
  • "Days to Order Ahead" (future orders) will control how far in advance a customer may place an online order
  • Use Order Throttling to help manage of flow of orders.
  • Setup Curbside Ordering with License Plate Number or Car Model for more efficient pickups
  • Link your Online Ordering to all of your social media sites