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Full Featured Restaurant Point of Sale

Point of Sale

EdgeServ POS is a full featured POS System for fine dining, casual, quick service, bar/nightclub, pizza, and brew pub restaurants.


  • Table Service

  • Visual Floor Plan and Seating

  • Order by Seat - quickly and easily split checks by seat with a variety of intuitive options

  • Sophisticated and intuitive check splitting 

  • Coursing - this feature allows a server break out an order by course, for a perfectly timed dining experience

  • More efficient prep routing, order accuracy, and better table turn time

  • Track voids, comps, and discounts

  • Guests Counts for accurate reporting – such as average spend by guest

  • Timestamp on all tickets – ability to track a timestamp for every item that was sent to the kitchen or the bar

  • Revenue Center tracking and reporting

  • Happy Hour and Time Period based pricing

  • Tax Inclusive pricing

Complete Restaurant POS

  • Timed Holds – time your orders so that your guests get their food when they want it and in what order they want it

  • Pizza Builder screen

  • Order accuracy and ease-of-use

  • Caller ID integration

  • Customer Tracking - fewer mistakes and return trips

  • Table Service, To Go, Delivery, Drive-Thru and Bar Order Types 

  • Tableside Ordering and Pay at the Table with Signature Capture

  • Online Ordering

  • Employee restrictions with Time and Attendance 

  • Customer tracking for phone orders and loyalty programs

  • Gift and Rewards cards

  • Reporting available anywhere, anytime, on any device 

  • Menu Import – quickly import menu items

  • Messaging at Login – let your servers know about specials, upcoming meetings, what's been 86'd, etc.