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Full Featured Restaurant Point of Sale

Delivery and Take Out

EdgeServ's delivery system can give your restaurant wheels and expand your customer base.

Integrated Delivery

Expanding your customer base has never been more important. The EdgeServ Delivery System makes it easy to add deliveries to your mix. Whether you are a small pizza shop that’s just starting up, or an established restaurant with a full menu, our system provides a solution for efficient and well-coordinated deliveries.

  • Orders can be taken by phone or online, then sent to the kitchen and assigned to a delivery person
  • Every order is tracked with detailed reports on all sales and payments. 
  • Integrated with Online Ordering

Built for Delivery and Take Out Service

  • Delivery and Take Out order views
  • Access multiple checks at once
  • Customer databases are searchable by name, phone number or email address
  • Includes a Delivery Zone module that make it easy to set delivery fees for each zone
  • Orders are based on delivery zones, making routes easier to organize and complete
  • Caller ID Integration