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EdgeServ Announces True Tableside Ordering, Payments, and Printing

EdgeServ POS Announces the release of EdgeServ's PAX True Tableside Ordering & Payment Solution!

EdgeServ POS announced during its weekly dealer meeting the launch of its award-winning EdgeServ software for use on the ultraportable PAX A-series devices. This device enables a true tableside ordering device, capable of fast ordering, payment, and receipt printing.


“The release of the PAX ordering version of our software shows that our reseller-driven software is continuing to deliver cutting edge technology that reseller’s customers demand,” said Hunter Allen, Managing Partner/Reseller of EdgeServ POS.

Do More with Less Technology

With many resellers continuing to suffer from the effects of the chip shortage, the PAX A-series solution from EdgeServ represents an additional option for delivering solutions to restauranteurs.

“We spend so much time and effort trying to find equipment for our installs that we have to question our growth for this year,” said Thomas Greenman, Vice President, Skurla’s POS Solutions. “EdgeServ’s PAX solution is an amazing solution to not just put a streamlined tableside ordering device in our customers’ hands, but we can do it with deploying far less equipment. It can save us time, equipment, and freight costs. All things that we’d prefer to have in the rearview and allow us to focus more on what we do best – taking care of our customers.”ES_A920 Order Pay At Table_1

“We are excited to offer this game-changing functionality to our customers and their guests,” said Michael Tash, VP, Customer Relations at Frederick, MD-based Essential Systems Solutions.

The PAX version of EdgeServ’s software is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of EdgeServ’s commitment to deliver enhanced value to our resellers and their end users. The PAX version of EdgeServ’s software is available directly through EdgeServ.

Founded in 2013, EdgeServ POS is a reseller-owned software company providing software for restauranteurs. EdgeServ POS software is a comprehensive, payment agnostic software solution built on our next-generation cloud to kitchen architecture. Developed by some of the best resellers in the hospitality industry who know what other resellers need, want, and expect, EdgeServ is everything a reseller could want in a POS software vendor.

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