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Use Throttling with EdgeServ POS to Manage Your Online Orders

One definition of throttle, according to Merriam Webster:

"to regulate and especially to reduce the speed of (something, such as an engine) by such means"

In the point of sale world, throttling means to regulate or reduce the speed of online orders by using EdgeServ's Online Ordering system.

OLO Ordering Throttling by EdgeServ POS

Create additional Service Types: use different order times; each have their own throttling parameters; and can be assigned to a section where the order should be sent.

The order service types will show the delivery fee and time. Selecting order numbers allowed, or a monetary amount, will limit the orders. Orders that exceed QTY/$ will continue to POOL into following hours to increase the time.

Create Service Types for specific locations. Each Service Type will have their own delivery time, their own delivery fee, and Order Throttling!

When using delivery, the time of the delivery zone and fees will be pulled.

To learn more about OLO Throttling and other EdgeServ POS features, schedule a demo below.

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