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Introducing the EdgeServ Mini Solution for Ordering and Payments!

EdgeServ POS Announces the EdgeServ Mini Ordering & Payment Solution!

EdgeServ now offers a full-featured tableside ordering combined with EMV and NFC contactless payments.  Your customers will love this new level of service and convenience.  Your servers will be able to work more efficiently  - and will appreciate being able to carry just one device for all their customer's needs.

EdgeServ Mini Ordering and Payment Solution

Tableside Ordering and Payments - Combined!

  • Tableside Ordering, Line Busting, Outdoor Dining, Curbside Payments
  • Enjoy the ease and convenience of mobile ordering and payments
  • One device to carry
  • Make it easy for your customer to order and pay!

Call 1-855-776-6488 today to request more information or schedule a demo.

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