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What is a Customer Success Scorecard?

We provide our EdgeServ POS resellers with a customer success scorecard in order to elevate your customers' experience. Once your POS install is complete it is vital to follow up with another visit. We encourage a visit 4-8 weeks after the install. Then we encourage everyone to make an effort to meet with your reseller once a quarter.
Why??  At EdgeServ POS we want your score to be a resounding 10!
Keep reading to learn more. 
EdgeServ POS is a 10!
1. During the initial install process the main goals may be to solely understand the basic operations of your POS. You're going to want to deploy other features in order to maximize all the ways EdgeServ can streamline your business! Also, some businesses don't want to deploy all the features at once. They want to learn the basic ins/outs of their new system. And that's ok!
2. New features are always being added. We're a software developer, therefore we won't stop updating new features. It's always a good idea to meet with your reseller [even virtually...] once a quarter to discuss what features you are and are not utilizing. What devices may you need to add? Does everything make sense? Any questions you may be stuck on?
We utilize our scorecard to gather data to ensure that you are utilizing all the features of EdgeServ POS.

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