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This is the Year You Save on Credit Card Fees and Boost Profits in Your Restaurant


  • In-depth review of available programs: dual pricing vs. surcharging.
  • Best strategies for following regulations set by major card brands and government agencies.
  • How to communicate with customers with a transparent approach.
  • Successful use case scenarios from top restaurants.

Save $ and Grow YOUR Business! 


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The Role of Credit Card Dual Pricing in Maximizing Profits

Credit card dual pricing is a pricing strategy that allows restaurant owners to pass on the cost of credit card processing fees to customers who choose to pay with a credit card. This strategy can significantly impact a restaurant's bottom line by reducing the financial burden of credit card transactions. 

The money saved can be invested right back into the restaurant - helping your business grow!

By implementing credit card dual pricing, restaurant owners can offset the costs associated with credit card processing and increase their profit margins. This strategy involves offering a lower price for customers who pay with cash or debit cards, while slightly increasing the price for customers who opt to pay with a credit card. This encourages customers to choose alternative payment methods and reduces the impact of credit card fees on the restaurant's revenue.

However, it is important for restaurant owners to comply with legal regulations and ensure transparency when implementing credit card dual pricing. Clear signage and communication are essential to inform customers about the pricing structure and avoid any potential confusion or disputes.

Credit card dual pricing is a powerful tool that can help restaurant owners maximize profits by alleviating the impact of credit card processing fees. By incentivizing customers to choose alternative payment methods, restaurant owners can reduce costs and boost their bottom line.

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