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EdgeServ POS - Owned and Developed by POS Resellers

Edgeserv POS (formerly Synetouch): the restaurant point of sale system that is owned, managed and developed by POS Resellers like us.

We all know that the industry is rampant with consolidations and mergers.  Every time one of our product lines is bought, sold, merged or whatever, we (and our customers) are turned upside down – new rules and new players, often making it difficult for how we sell or support the products – this is not the business model we want to offer to our customers.

It is important to partner with vendors and products that allow us to control our destiny and better serve our customers.  I found this especially to be true during the COVID crisis.

 EdgeServ POS is an extraordinary opportunity to own and sell a product that was designed by resellers with decades of experience in the restaurant point of sale industry.

 It really is a revolutionary concept - 

  • Our interests are closely aligned with your customers.
  • There are no 3rd party ownership or investment groups that control the strategic direction or future of the Company. 
  • Which means customers can be confident in choosing to partner with businesses like yours.

And we are excited to announce that EdgeServ is releasing its 2020 version - and we hope you would take the time to take a second look.

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