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EdgeServ POS

From the Cloud to the Kitchen – EdgeServ utilizes the benefits of the Cloud and brings them to your kitchen.

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Award Winning Restaurant iPad Point of Sale

Our iPad based POS system is both full featured and affordable. It is intuitive, innovative, easy to use, and customer driven. Plus, EdgeServ is payment processor agnostic - choose your own processor - control your payments.


Increase Your Restaurant's Bottom Line with EdgeServ's Dual Pricing Credit Card Features.

EdgeServ POS

Point of Sale

  • Table Service
  • Visual Floor Plan and Seating.
  • Order by Seat
  • Advanced Check Splitting
  • Coursing
  • More efficient prep routing and order accuracy.
  • Kitchen Ticket Timing
  • Efficient order accuracy and better table turn
  • Full Featured POS

Modern iPad architecture and lower overall cost of maintenance, with fixed or mobile options.  

Integrated Online Ordering

EdgeServ knows that the menu is an integral component of your business, which is why we have made it integral to our point of sale system.  Features like our online web menu,  online ordering, and our dine-in ordering module are fully integrated and simple to set-up for your restaurant.

OLO Menu with PicsEdgeServ's online menu can be scanned via a QR code, making it accessible to your customers anywhere, anytime.  Online ordering is fully integrated into the Point of Sale.

No time for pictures, no problem - we have an option that creates an online ordering menu directly from your web menu.  Simply add pictures when you have time. 

EdgeServ POS Online Ordering


Dine-In Ordering

This module allows customers to order by simply scanning a QR code - on a table tent or a room service menu, for example.  No need to download an app - simply scan the code and start ordering! 

Outdoor dining

Perfect for dine-in, patio/deck, room service ordering - or maybe a table tent by the pool or from a golf cart!

Customer Focused Features

Customer loyalty, built-in and integrated gift cards, coupons and promos - all focused on driving business and increasing guest satisfaction.

Closeup of hands of young man in checkered shirt using mobile phone while his partners arguing

And EdgeServ focuses on the features your customers want and need - online ordering, curbside and delivery ordering, pay at the table, integrated web menus, dine-in ordering and tableside ordering.

The Edge Mini

Full Tableside Ordering with EMV

Meet the Edge Mini

  • Full Tableside Ordering

  • Integrated Pay at the Table

  • EMV/NFC Payments:  Select the ticket and hand the device to the customer for the customer to complete the payment - tap, dip, or swipe.

  • All on one device!
ES_A920 Order Pay At Table_2

True Ordering and Pay at the Table

EdgeServ keeps tables turning.

  • The app interfaces with the POS system to allow a restaurant employee to login and select a ticket for payment.

  • The employee can accept the card from the guest, process the payment, and print vouchers for tip and signature from the device printer.

  • The employee can also select the ticket and hand the device to the customer for the customer to complete the payment.

"Our servers enjoy being able to take guest orders faster and being able to interact with them more. Our service has become more effective because of the EdgeServ system."

Jolver Blanco
El Gallego Restaurant

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